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Judith Lynn was born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up surrounded by the lush semi-tropical foliage of California, she developed a great love for flora and fauna.

Ms. Lynn's first career choice, however, was music. She toured the world as an international opera singer, performing in the major cities' opera houses of the United States, Europe and South America.

It was while she was in South America that her passion for the arts turned towards painting. Influenced by her close friend and artist, Frances Bull, she created a body of work and was accepted by the first gallery to which it was offered; La Galeria Centro de Arte Euroamericano.

Entranced by Venezuela's tropical foliage and rare orchids and butterflies, Ms. Lynn started her painting career. Sometimes, especially with butterflies and insects, she mixes elements in nature, exploring the possibilities of creating new species; a metamorphosis of nature within itself. For the past 20 years she has immersed herself in painting nature, allowing it to reveal its secrets to her.

Her "Nature Manuscripts" are a series of paintings in the "Illuminated Manuscript" style and incorporate both flora and fauna. In some paintings the script is her own poetry.